Figure 9.10. Dragline reeving diagram.

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Figure 9.10. Dragline reeving diagram.
rollers and out to the clamshell; secure to the bridle chain
with cable clamps.
Do not release the tag line suddenly;
d. Adjusting the Tag Line Winder. The tension of
to do so may cause damage to the tag
the tag line winder cable may be increased or decreased
line winder.
as necessary to prevent oscillation of the clamshell. Add
(2)  Release the tag line slowly by holding a
wraps to the tag line reel to increase cable tension;
slight tension on it until all of the cable is taken up on the
remove wraps to decrease cable tension.
reel and the end is fastened to prevent the reel from
e. Unreeving the Tag Line Winder.
(1) Raise the boom until the bucket can he placed on
the ground about 10 feet from the base of the boom to
relieve the spring tension on the tag line winder.
The tag line winder may be left on the
(2) Remove the cable from the clamshell bridle chain
boom when not in use.
by removing the cable clamps.
(4)  Remove the nuts, lockwashers, bolts, and
U-bolt, and with a suitable lifting device remove the tag
line winder from the boom.
f.  Unreeving the Clamshell.

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