Quantcast Fig. 4.- Injector Identification Chart

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2.1.1 Fuel Injector
size identifies the needle valve injector
helix angle of the plunger and the type of spray tip used.
Refer to Fig. 4. for the identification of the injectors and
Each injector control rack (Fig. 1.) is actuated by a lever
their respective plungers and spray tips.
on the injector control tube which, in turn, is connected
to the governor by means of a fuel rod. These levers
can be adjusted independently on the control tube, thus
permitting a uniform setting of all injector racks.
The fuel injector combines in a single unit all of the parts
Each fuel injector has a circular disc pressed into a
necessary to provide complete and independent fuel
recess at the front side of the injector body for
injection at each cylinder.
identification purposes (Fig. 4.). The identification tag
indicates the nominal output of the injector in cubic
A  horizontal  bar  on  the  injector
identification tag between the "GM" and the injector
Fig. 4.- Injector Identification Chart
Fig. 5. - Injector Assembly
1972 General Motors Corp.
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