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Note. Where there is no interference with machine
(4) Raise the boom to the working angle.
Raise the clamshell bucket, using both lines, until the
operation, mount the tagline winder with the cable drum
second layer begins on the rear (closing line) drum. The
on the side away from the operator, to reduce
second layer should begin on the front drum at the same
interference with the operator's vision.
time. If it does not, adjust the point of attachment of the
holding line to the bucket.
(2) Position the tagline winder at an angle on
(5) Cut both lines and secure them to the
the boom so that the tagline drum is in line with the boom
point, and so that the tagline will reel straight off the drum
d. Tagline Winder.
when the clamshell bucket is at hall the height. of the
(1) With a suitable lifting device, lift the tagline
boom point (fig. 2-13).
winder into position between the chords of the boom
(3) Secure the tagline winder to the boom,
base section, near the upper end of the section.
using wood filler blocks as necessary
Note. The tagline winder should be left on the boom
STEP 1. UNREEVE TAGLINE (para 2-5e).
when not in use.
e. Unreeving the Clamshell.
(1) Release the drum brakes and unspool the
holding and closing cables from the front and rear
(2) Remove the cable wedges from the dead-
end sockets on the clamshell, and remove the closing
and holding cables.
(3) Remove the cable wedges from both
cable drums, and free the closing and holding cables.
(4) Pull the cables free of the drums and the
boom point sheaves, and lay them out straight on the
(5) Roll the cables into a coil and secure them
.with wire. Label the cables for future use.
(6) Remove the boom hoist cable and boom
2-6. Dragline Conversion
a. General. The truck crane may be converted to
dragline  operation  by  installing  the  crane  boom
(para 2-4) and a dragline bucket.
The following
components  are  necessary  for  the  equipment
conversion; the crane boom components (para 2- 4),
drag bucket, bucket hoist and drag lines, and fairlead.
The crane hoist cable may be used for the bucket hoist
line, but if additional reach and depth are desired, a
longer cable must be installed. Refer to table 1-1.
Figure 2-13. Tagline winder installation.
b. Installation and Reeving.
(1) Install the crane boom, backstops; and
boom hoist cable as described in paragraph 2-4.
(2) Install the fairlead (fig. 2-14)

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