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1.6.3 Cylinder Liner
identify the rod with the cap and
indicate the particular cylinder in
which they are used. If a new service
connecting rod is to be installed, the
same identification number and letter,
must be stamped or etched in the
same location as on the connecting
rod that was replaced.
7. Push the piston and rod assembly down into the liner
until the piston is out of the ring compressor.
CAUTION:  Do not force the piston
into  the  liner.
The  peripheral
abutment  type  expanders  apply
considerably more force on the oil
ring than the standard expander.
Therefore, extra care during the
loading operation must be taken to
prevent ring breakage.
8.  Remove the connecting rod cap and the ring
9.  Push the piston down into the liner until the
compression rings pass the liner ports.
Fig. 6. - Installing Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly
in Ring Compressor and Cylinder Liner
Install Cylinder Liner, Piston and Connecting Rod
NOTE: Inspect the ring compressor
for nicks or burrs, especially at the
After the piston and connecting rod assembly have been
non-tapered inside diameter end.
installed in the liner, the entire assembly may be
Nicks or burrs on the inside diameter
installed in the engine as follows:
of the compressor will result in
1. Make sure the seal ring grooves in the cylinder block
damage to the piston rings.
are clean. Then, install the seal ring.
2. Place the piston ring compressor on a wood block
'tapered end up).
NOTE: The cylinder block has an
3. Position (stagger) the piston ring gaps properly on
approximately 1/8"
the piston. Make sure that the oil control ring expanders
are not overlapped.
4.  Start the top of the piston straight into the ring
compressor; then, push the piston down until it contacts
the wood block (see Operation 1, Fig. 6).
5. Note the position of the matchmark on the liner and
place the liner on a wood block.
6. Place the ring compressor and the piston and rod
assembly on the liner, so the numbers on the rod and
cap are aligned with the matchmark on the liner (see
Operation 2, Fig. 6).
Fig. 7. - Installing Piston, Connecting Rod and Liner Assembly
in Cylinder Block
NOTE: The number and letter, on the
side of the connecting rod and cap
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